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A few coincidences in July of 2002 brought together five different people that shared, however, the same characteristics as to their love for music and the expression of intense emotions through it. This was the beginning of the creation of a very promising group.
The name would eventually come up a couple of years later, when the band with a video camera and a list of suggested names in their hands unleashed themselves in the busy streets of Thessaloniki, seeking out the opinions of young audiences as to which would be the most appropriate name for the band.

The first station in this musical journey was in Vironos street, in Funkey Live Stage, where “A Positive” was the house band for two years every Saturday, playing covers of well-known rock bands. There, the band managed to win over the crowds and make their first positive impressions. Later on, a series of successful performances in other live rock clubs of Thessaloniki followed that established the band as one of the most dynamic groups of the local underground scene.

Their full of energy live performances, which were accompanied by imposing guitars and dynamic drum & bass, were and will be the characteristics that won over the audiences, having as a result the creation of a hard core fan base that supports the band in their live performances and in the happenings they take part in. In 2006 the band enters the studio to produce their own music and virtually give birth to “Mind the Gap”. At that point, the musical identity of “A Positive” starts developing, having as main characteristic the merge of classic and new sounds. The alternative rock sound of the new millennium combined with polyphonic melodies together with English lyrics, and filtered through the worries of Greek poetic influences grant the band with a fresh and completely new point of view of contemporary music.

Important moments – Achievements:
An important milestone for the band was the achievement of first place in C.R.F. (Competition Rock Festival) that was co-organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Mayoralty of Culture and Youth. This achievement led the way to more performances in other Greek cities as well, which were also highly successful. Moreover, the decision of the band to create a private recording studio was an extremely important one, as it allowed them to experiment with their music. With the completion of their new studio, and after a couple of months, the first demo with samples of their music from their upcoming album was created. At that time, as “A Positive” were searching for a label to record, they decided to first try their luck abroad, by taking part in Midem Music Festival which is organized every year in Cannes in France. There, the band received high praises from label representatives around the world and gained precious experience. A few months later, with the help of music producer Jimmy Bitzeni, “A Positive” completed all the recordings of their first album which was entitled “Mind the Gap”. On the highpoint of their career so far, “A Positive” release “Mind the Gap” with the Pan-Vox label which is distributed nation-wide and they also release their first official music video for the song “Emergency”directed by the awarded director Theodoros Chliapas.

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